Month: October 2014

Points To Recover from Penguin 3.0

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Step 1: Identify the unnatural, spammy backlinks pointing to your site

If your website also a victim of the latest penguin 3.0 update, it’s most likely the result of too many “bad” inbound links (those links which are directly targeted your website).

  • Links using spammy (exact-keyword-match) anchor text
  • Article directory links
  • Paid links (excluding advertising)
  • Irrelevant forum links
  • Low-quality, irrelevant web directories
  • Keyword stuffing, link cloaking, and hidden text can also a reason for Penguin penalties


Step 2: Remove the Unnatural, Spammy Backlinks

  • Remove inbound link profile consists of tons of keyword-rich anchor text
  • Remove backlink is on a low-quality web directory using branded anchor text
  • For those backlink which cannot be removed, you can create a disavow file and upload to Google’s Disavow Links Tool


Step 3: Revaluate Your Strategy

  • Do not use the manipulative backlink building to protect your website for further damage.

Create a quality and informative content for users which they can share then the backlinks will build themselves.