New Search Algorithm Launched By Google: Hummingbird

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To celebrate its 15 years in the industry, Google has launched a hummingbird, the first major update to their search algorithm since 2010.
This search algorithm (Hummingbird), which affects about 90% of the query, which allows for more complex searches, and even, it is possible to compare the two elements, such as the rival products – to each other.

As it became more and more complex question, he said, the usual systems for keyword-based work is not so good because of the need to match the concepts and meanings of words.Improvements include an algorithm to update the knowledge Graf – Google maps with real people, places and things, so that you can deal with more complex issues.

“Let’s say you wish to get your daughter excited a few visit to the Met. you’ll pull up your phone and tell Google: ‘Tell me regarding Impressionist artists’. You’ll see who the artists are, and you’ll dive in to find out more concerning every of them and explore their most known works. If you would like to change to Abstract artists, do that do this very simply with our new filter tool.

Interview with Google will be “more natural” courtesy updates. In the coming weeks, users can download the new version of Google Search app for iPhone and iPad.Posodobitev means that users can receive notifications on all devices.
Hummingbird have been launched to coincide with the loose 15 anniversary, but it is a clear message from Google to ensure that it is still a great advantage over its competitors, Microsoft Bing and Yahoo, which has gone through many updates in recent months.


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